New Artist Alert! Listen To Vince Palmeri’s Catchy Track, ‘Infatuation’

We’re all for supporting upcoming artists here. So…let’s talk about upcoming artist from New York; Vince Palmeri.

Vince is a very talented pop singer-songwriter from the states. After listening to ‘Infatuation’ – it is IMPOSSIBLE to sit still. Be warned! You’ll want to get up and dance the moment you put it on. So it might be an idea not to listen to the song for the first time whilst in a public place…unless you want the public to your dance moves.

By contrast, his most recent release ‘Complicated’ shows Vince at a more emotional and vulnerable side. The song speaks of a relationship that you want to be in but, it might not be the right time making everything complicated between the couple. Although this track isn’t quite the dance number like ‘Infatuation’, the lyrics describe a situation that so many listeners will relate to that it will be hard not to fall in love with instantly.

Both songs are available on Vince’s Spotify. Make sure you show him some support by giving them a listen. Follow his Facebook, and Instagram  to see what else Vince has up his sleeve.

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