ISOBEL WALLER-BRIDGE Releases Debut Single ‘September’ And Signs To Mercury KX

Award-winning composer, artist and musician Isobel Waller-Bridge announces her new signing to Mercury KX. Joining artists at the forefront of contemporary music, including Anoushka Shankar, Ólafur Arnalds, and Keaton Henson, Isobel also releases her new track ‘September’, which will feature on the new compilation album ‘FLOW’ – a celebration of three years since the launch of Mercury KX.

With an album of original compositions set for release next year, Isobel’s intimate, solo piano piece, ‘September’, is her debut offering for Mercury KX.

Speaking of the signing, Isobel says,

“I’m so excited to have signed with Mercury KX and to start work on what will be the most personal music of my career. ‘September’ is my hello to the label. It has a clarity and intimacy that reflect the very personal journey I am about to go on.”

“With the new album, I’m starting from scratch, which is really refreshing. It makes me feel free because it means I can go wherever I like. This project will be set apart from my other work – all of this album will come from within.”

Despite her innovative approach to composition, Isobel took a traditional route into the industry. She studied Music at Edinburgh University, before moving to King’s College London for Masters study and a diploma in piano from the Royal Academy of Music.

While at the Academy, Isobel began the transition to film and TV music after meeting other young musicians who were composing atonal music, breaking away from the classical tradition.

A highlight in her career to date is arguably ‘Fleabag’, the hit stage play-turned global TV phenomenon. The soaring success of two seasons introduced Isobel’s dramatic music to millions.

Isobel’s versatility and ability to write with a wide range of idioms, seamlessly blending classical and orchestral music with electronics, has given her music a highly distinctive style. Her score for Autumn de Wilde’s recent directorial debut, ‘Emma’, has pushed Isobel into the mainstream spotlight once again, which, in contrast to ITVs, ‘Vanity Fair’, contemporary score, draws on the music of Mozart and Haydn, and the lively wit of Jane Austen’s eponymous matchmaker.

Amongst Isobel’s wide-ranging credits are the feature film, ‘Vita & Virginia’, and acclaimed TV series including. ‘The ABC Murders’, and a feature-length episode of ‘Black Mirror’, for Netflix, starring Miley Cyrus.

Isobel Waller-Bridge - Waller-Bridge: September (Visualiser)

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