ALMA released the first two singles from her upcoming debut album, title track, ‘Have U Seen Her?’ and ‘Worst Behaviour’, featuring friend and long term collaborator Tove Lo via Epic/RCA/Warner And PME.

Continuing her journey as one of the most exciting punk-pop stars to emerge in recent times, Finnish superstar Alma releases two new tracks today embracing both sides of her musicality. Psychadelic punk track ‘Have U Seen Her’ and politically motivated Scandi-pop classic, ‘Worst Behaviour’ ft Tove Lo.

Speaking about the tracks, ALMA said,

“When I was younger I hated the feeling of never being listened to and nobody cared about my feelings so I used to escape in my dreams. The same dream would repeat itself over and over, night after night and I’d runaway to far off places and imagine starting again. It was a big inspiration for ‘Have U Seen Her?’”

“Worst Behaviour is about the dark state of the world right now – I am incredibly frustrated about who is in power right now and how they choose to behave.  A similar feeling was replicated in my professional life when I was writing this song. I didn’t want any more old-white-men telling me how to express myself. This song is to the leaders of the world, and to those who tried to lead mine at the time. You’ve got it all wrong – and we’re getting mad.”

Punchy, punk-tinged pop flows effortlessly from the 23-year old’s fingertips. In just 3 years the highlighter-haired polymath has topped global charts with her incredible scream along hooks (who could forget earworm “I’m chasing high high high highs”) and irresistible melodies. ‘Chasing Highs’, and ‘Karma’ in particular reached platinum status with ‘Dye My Hair’ going gold.

Everything but the stereotypical pop princess during that time ALMA has garnered fans the world over from Annie Mac and Miley Cyrus to Elton John and Dua Lipa with whom she worked last summer in LA. She has toured extensively, bringing punk and pop together in a not to be missed show that assaults all the senses.

ALMA finished her month long  European headline tour on November 2, with a huge Helsinki homecoming at Black Box before she headed back out with Christina Aguilera on her arena dates, “The X Tour”.

A unique and talented writer, ALMA is leading the charge on of a new wave of female powerhouses who have something say through their music.

Engaged, forward thinking, and opinionated, she addresses issues from women’s rights to body positivity to sexuality to depression, drug use and anxiety head on.

ALMAs writing skills often called upon by pop heavyweights such as Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey, Charli XCX, Tove Lo, and more. Notably she recently co-wrote two songs on Miley’s ‘She is Coming’, including female empowerment anthem ‘Mother’s Daughter’, and ‘Cattitude’ ft. RuPaul, as well as Charlies Angels’ theme tune, ‘Don’t Call Me Angel’, which debuted at number thirteen on the Billboard Hot 100 chart becoming Grande’s 20th top 20 song, Cyrus’s 14th and Del Rey’s third.

Now on the cusp of releasing her highly anticipated debut album, 2020 is set to be an exciting year for the Finnish powerhouse.

You can still see ALMA supporting Christina Aguilera on the Xtina tour on 14 November, at Resorts World Arena, Birmingham.

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