Premiere: Hilary Roberts, ‘Fight To The Other Side’

Hilary Roberts returns with her beautifully compassionate new single ‘Fight To The Other Side’, written in response to the hardship that one of her closest friends was facing.

Hilary Roberts wrote the single when she discovered that her friend Annie was having a particularly difficult time. Having been diagnosed with FSH MD, an inherited form of Muscular Dystrophy, just a couple of years previously, Annie was finding the aggressive nature of the disease depressing and down heartening – and it was at this point that Hilary decided she had to do something.

The track, with its emotional lyrics and beautifully rousing melodic moments is a heartfelt anthem written to a friend in a time of need. Throughout the song Hilary speaks of times that Annie helped her, and how she is now honoured to reciprocate the kindness.

“I know you’re feeling like you’re nothing but a burden,

but I’ve been there before it’s darkest when you’re hurting”

sings Hilary in her beautifully emotive tone at the beginning of the track. As the song progresses the lyrics encourage us to persevere through our troubles and understand that better days are coming, we just have to wait for them.

Check out ‘Fight To The Other Side’ below and stay tuned to see what this compassionate and enigmatic performer gets up to next…

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