Stu Dicious – ‘Another Day Another Kick In The Nuts’

From the very first bars of ‘Another Day Another Kick In The Nuts’ we knew this wasn’t going to be any ordinary song. Stu Dicious is nothing if not irreverent, but it’s not in a bad way; there’s a lot of humour, and some damned good instrumentation to this track.

Stu Dicious’ music could be described as a cross between surf rock and punk: it doesn’t take itself seriously, and if you’ve ever watched any of Stu’s videos you’d know that he doesn’t either. Self-proclaimed recipient of the “Mister Hot” award (we don’t know who gave it out but Stu has enough confidence to wear the title), Stu joined Salim Nourallah in the studio to record his album, which was released through Palo Santo Records on February 22. Nourallah, who has produced Old 97s, Nicholas Altobelli, The Damnwells, and Rhett Miller, was able to fine-tune the thirteen tracks from Stu Dicious’ repartoire, and craft them into an album containing some of pop’s greatest moments.

‘Another Day Another Kick In the Nuts’, the first single from the album, is as upbeat as it is offbeat, with Stu’s love for “the lovely ladies” (not to mention how much the lovely ladies love him) evident throughout the song – he’s overly confident about his prowess, but knockbacks don’t stop him – it’s just one day, with tomorrow another opportunity for love. As Stu explained, when asked about the meaning behind the track’s title,

Unfortunately, that’s the story of my life.

Stu Dicious got his first guitar when he was 15, and developed an obsession with the music of The Beach Boys, The Beatles, and The Sex Pistols – all of whom easily explain the sound of his music.

You can find out more about the indomitable Stu Dicious online on Facebook. ‘Another Day Another Kick In The Nuts’, is out now and available to stream and download from iTunes.

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