Pete Gardiner Releases New Song And Video ‘The Middle’

Pete Gardiner releases his new single ‘The Middle’ today and having been treated to a pre-release listen I can tell you it’s very, very good.

It is structured in a slightly different way to past releases and evokes memories of the brilliant ‘Gin Soaked Boy’, by Divine Comedy in the way it lists identifiers of the singer. The difference in ‘The Middle’ is that despite being a list, it is one that details the contrast between the first person and his lover.

The title comes from the chorus refrain that the two can meet in the middle. Whilst it’s a lyrical departure in structure it still has Pete’s trademark poetry.

The production is much closer to Pete’s live sound and feels more stripped back in the verse which helps to highlight the lyrics as well as the music. This will delight fans who may have thought his lyrical genius has sometimes been lost in production.

Having recently seen Pete play an outstanding set at Kent’s Milkfest 2018 and play some new material, I know there is much quality to come from this exciting talent and can’t wait for more music!

Pete Gardiner 'The Middle'

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