Southern Charm of Kathryn Dennis

Darling Kathryn C. Dennis is our TV goddess, popularly known for her appearance in the reality TV show, ‘Southern Charm’. She has been involved in many modelling jobs and has graced some sophisticated publications, including Azalea Magazine. Kathryn was born in Charleston, South Carolina. She lived her early childhood on her family’s plantation in the County of Berkeley. Her origin is traceable to John C. Calhoun, the 7th Vice President of the USA. She is also the granddaughter of Rembert Coney, a Senator who served for 50 years in South Carolina.


Kathryn C. Dennis is famous for the strong affinity to both the old and the new. She is very passionate about her origin and her background and this is exhibited in her drive to give back to her community. She is also very committed to preserving the values of her heritage as associated with where she was brought up. Kathryn has two beautiful children and she is happy to talk about them to anyone who is willing to listen.

Summary of Kathryn C. Dennis Biography

Kathryn C. Dennis was born on the 5th of August, 1992, to Luke Dennis and Allison Dennis. She is a descendant of strong political figures in the United States. Her grandfather was the long serving legislature member, Rembert Dennis, and she is a direct descendant of the 7th Vice President of the United State of America. She is a doting mother of two.

Kathryn C. Dennis – Southern Belle

Kathryn is well known for her role in ‘Southern Charm’ and the name, Southern Belle fits her perfectly well, not only because of her role in the reality TV show but more because of her Southern origin. She is known for different things in the dramatic ‘Southern Charm’ series, ranging from Thomas’ Baby Mama, party-girl-turned-mom, to dramatic girl. She is many things but she is never a conservative person. Always ready to make her voice heard, it seems she aspires to run for a political office some day.

Kathryn C. Dennis – Rich Background

No doubt, Kathryn has a lot going for her as far as her family lineage is concerned. Arguably, Kathryn’s famous lineage made her more of a Southern Royalty than her role in ‘ Southern Charm’. She is a direct descendant of two famous public figures in the United States. She is the granddaughter of the long term State Senator, Rembert C. Dennis and not only that, the 7th Vice President of the USA, John C. Calhoun was also one of her fore-fathers! With a heritage like that, who wouldn’t want to flaunt their name?

Kathryn C. Dennis – Doting Mom

If there is anything Kathryn is loved for, it is her love for her children. A mother of two, she clearly shares a strong bond with her kids. When her position in the life of her children was challenged in a custody battle, Kathryn didn’t cower; she fought back with everything she has got. Even though she lost the temporary custody of her kids to her ex-partner, Thomas Ravenel, she didn’t give up the fight. She fought tenaciously and now enjoys a wonderful three days a week with her cute kids.

Kathryn C. Dennis – Custody Battle for her Children

Kathryn has had a very lengthy custody battle over her two kids, son St. Julien and daughter Kensington, involving long sessions in court with her ex, Thomas Ravenel. The nasty battle started in May 2016 where Kathryn was prohibited from meeting her kids on regular basis. After a failed drug test ordered by the court, she lost the custody battle over her children. When Kathryn was tested, amphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana were found in her body. She had to spend time in rehab before she was released. Not one to give up easily, she filed another case at the court accusing Thomas of drug abuse of mushrooms and opioids after she was released from the rehab. Thankfully, she got the ruling in her favour. Thomas lost his temporary full custody after two years and Kathryn got a joint care ruling of her children. Now she has her children staying with her from Friday and they get to spend three nights in a week with her before she returns them to their father.

Kathryn’s Relationship with Ex-Beau

Kathryn’s on and off relationship with her ex-partner, Thomas was at a point the talk in the media space. After splitting up for the first time in the year 2014, the couple seemed to reconcile again after their baby’s arrival but it seemed that their love is not meant to be. Thomas, who is thirty years older than Kathryn has never been married and the relationship between the two felt like it was going to lead to the big event, well, that never happened. According to Kathryn, her relationship with Thomas was never going to work, so she has accepted the reality and moved on with her life.

Kathryn C. Dennis – Jail History

When it comes to confrontation with the law, Kathryn’s rehab sentence wasn’t her first contact with the law. In 2012, for instance, she was arrested for disorderly conduct and under-age drinking, and she was later sentenced to a jail term to Berkeley Jail.

Kathryn C. Dennis – Career

Kathryn C. Dennis is a professional model and she is flourishing in her choice of career. She has appeared in Azalea Magazine and many other high brow magazines and she seems to be doing exceptionally well for herself. In spite of her modelling career, Kathryn was made popular by her appearance in the Bravo TV’s reality show ‘Southern Charm’. This reality TV series has brought her to fame where she worked with Craig Conover, Thomas Ravenel, Cameran Eubanks, Austen Kroll, and Shep Rose among many others. ‘Southern Charm’ came on air for the first time in March 2014.

Currently, Kathryn C. Dennis net worth through her numerous roles in ‘Southern Charm’ as well as her model career is placed around $600,000. There is no doubting the fact that this Southern Belle is going to make something more substantial for herself in years to come.

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