Kara Connolly Is Back With ‘Nice Guy’ Follow Up To ‘Life In Rear View’

Kara Connolly is back, with her new single, ‘Nice Guy’.  The track, from her forthcoming debut album, is out on August 31, and comes with a colourful and quirky lyric video. ‘Nice Guy’ is the follow up single to ‘Life In Rear View’.

The song is upbeat and bouncy pop, an empowering track with a great message. You feel like you’re driving down the Pacific Coast Highway in an open top car, accompanied by your four best friends – not a care in the world, singing about your ideal man! Think Kesha and ‘Woman’ – but with less sass and more lighthearted.

“They say man up, but I want a man who’s bold enough to cry when he’s sad – If you treat me right, you can spend the night; If you treat me wrong – well then…so long”

‘Nice Guy’ takes a good hard look at our deep-rooted culture of toxic hyper-masculinity. Through the track Kara encourages young women to demand the respect they deserve, while at the same time, making you laugh and giving you an all round good fun singalong time.

Kara explains,

“My goal was to create something fun and honest that you could sing to, with hopes that after a second listen you may realize you’re singing something empowering. Or maybe you never realize it. Maybe it’s just a song to sing along to in the car with your best friends. And that’s great too. But my hope is that the message subconsciously seeps in one way or another.”

She expands further, “I feel very called to empower and connect with the next generation of young women and hopefully inspire them to acknowledge their own worth and not put up with the kind of treatment that my generation and those of the past have experienced. I believe in the power of music to inspire and I hope that through humor and heart my songs can make a difference in these girls’ lives.”

‘Nice Guy’ was produced by Bill Lefler, and mastered at Capitol Records. You can find out more about Kara Connolly online on her official website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud.

Kara Connolly - Nice Guy (Lyric Video)

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