CoCo And The Butterfields Return With ‘Monsters’

Brought together by a chance meeting in a local pub, Canterbury born duo CoCo And The Butterfields have spent the last five years touring Europe, headlining sold out gigs, and performing at some of the UK’s most prestigious festivals like Bestival.

They have now returned with their stunning breakout track ‘Monsters’ and a five track E.P. of the same name. ‘Monsters’ (the single) starts simply with a pared back piano accompaniment and Tomas Twyman’s soothing vocals. As the song begins to grow, a gentle guitar part and dynamic percussive elements are introduced. Dulcima Showan’s vocals then join the track, and it becomes clear just how well their two voices work together.

They dance around each other taking it in turns to sing the harmony and the melody. Dulcima’s vocals float freely and ethereally above the track, whilst Tomas’ tones carve a space for themselves in the tenor regions. The track has an incredibly rich and full bodied sound, and showcases how well this young duo work and create together. Charming, folk-infused, and with a twist of classic pop – the track is a real music triumph.

Touching on religion, love, and mental health, this E.P. manages to be sincere and yet fun, which is no mean feat. They have managed to combine artful song writing with highly relatable subject matters, and in doing so have created tracks that are truly beautiful.

Having already sold out a gig at the O2 Academy in Islington in March, things seem to be on an upwards trajectory for this indie-pop pair. Check out their socials to make sure you don’t miss anything, and listen to their brand new single ‘Monsters’ (which is out on August 17th!) below.

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