Simon Baum – ‘Songs To Listen To On The Way Home At The End Of The Night’ EP

‘Songs To Listen To On The Way Home At The End Of The Night’ is the musical equivalent of a hand on your shoulder, the warmth and roar of a crackling fireplace or a loved confidante – a warm and compassionate mixture of tracks to lull you into a place of comfort and security.

Simon Baum’s four-track gentle pop EP is a melancholic yet uplifting listen, draped in delicate guitar melodies and murmurs of soft piano sections; recalling themes of love, loss, care and adoration. A reminder on Twitter dedicates his work to his children and he expresses:

“since last year I’ve been a single dad, it’s been the hardest and best thing I’ve ever done.”

The London based singer-songwriter lathers glossy, smooth vocals over stripped-back passages that drift uninterruptedly. The result? A gentle, soothing companion to accompany audiences in any time of solitude, joy or sadness.

Dainty, bright guitar licks putter through the EP, and provide a beautiful recollection of, and insight into Baum’s life as a single parent. ‘I Luv U N U Luv Me’ sparingly uses keys and percussion to a delightfully comforting effect while ‘The Wonder of U Mix’ pursues a slightly more solemn voice.

Baum’s EP gifts thirteen minutes of loving, understanding solace which is filtered to its listeners largely through saccharine lyrics. 

Baum’s words feel as though they’re targeted personally to his listeners, extending its reassuring arms and wrapping you up in the EP’s wholesome splendour. During ‘I Luv U N U Luv Me’ he croons “I’ll be there to catch you,” and with the EP’s conclusion – you’re left feeling assured that you’ve a reliable crutch to cling to dearly in times of hardship.

Find Simon Baum online on his official website and Twitter.

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