Maria Muller Returns With ‘Lost’

Maria Muller left everything behind to pursue her dream of being a singer, and her new single ‘Lost’ categorically proves that this was the right decision…

It has been a decade since Maria Muller made the courageous decision to leave everything behind to pursue her dream of being a classically trained professional musician and singer-songwriter. She always felt a pull to classical music, but it was only after a drastic shift in thinking that she was able to find her true sound. It was when she began to think about music the way that she did as a child that she truly grew into her voice. She played a few chords on the keyboard and before she knew it she had written the lyrics and melody for a song.

Maria now returns with ‘Lost’ a catchy pop song about realising that you deserve better, it is about learning to walk away from toxic environments and people – a sentiment that many can relate to. The song has a simple start with a catchy synth hook for a few bars before Maria’s vocals are introduced. She has a beautiful tone and the kind of control that can only be acquired through of years professional vocal training. The song is then taken up a notch by the inclusion of a quiet and yet commanding drum beat that gives the track a real pulse.

With its infectiously catchy hook and empowering sentiment, ‘Lost’ reminds us that we are deserving of love and happiness and that no one can take that away from us. With the suggestion of more music already in the pipeline stay tuned to find out what Maria gets up to next, and check out her new single below!

Find Maria Muller online on Twitter, Facebook and her official Website.

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