Kalpee: Live At Wembley

Wembley’s Colour Run, with its message of inclusivity and feel-good vibes, was the perfect place for Trinidadian Kalpee to show his musical and performing prowess. As a guest performer, he had the opportunity to sing a few crowd-pleasers as well as showcase his new single ‘Colourful’ which is set to be released on August 17th.

Given the 30 degree temperatures, nobody would have blamed Kalpee for a less than energetic performance, and yet this was not the case at all. He started off by singing his debut single ‘No One’, a track that has contributed heavily to the 120 million streams that this young artist has amassed. There is a real vulnerability to this track, and Kalpee managed to capture this perfectly with the tone and timbre of his voice.

He then sang a rousing cover of Rudimental’s ‘These Days’, and it was during this song that the audience were truly shown Kalpee energetic and vibrant side. He really got the crowd engaged and showed his playful side.

Kalpee then moved onto the final track of his set, and his soon-to-be released single, ‘Colourful’. With a weighty synth presence and a high energy percussion section it is a real feel-good summer anthem. It was here that Kalpee’s captivating stage presence and beautiful lyrics came together for a really wonderful performance.

So what’s next for Kalpee? Well with new music already being hinted at, and the suggestion of more live performances on the horizon, 2018 looks to be an exciting year for this young Trinidadian artist!

Find Kalpee online on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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