In Conversation With GENTS As They Tell us More About Their New Release ‘Moments’

GENTS is a recreational space, which welcomes everyone is welcome to come and feel good, while we look for sense and meaning behind it, all together.

In a Q&A with GENTS, they discuss their sound, influences and tell us more about their new release, a two-part single, ‘Moments’.

What is the inspiration and message behind ‘Moments’?

After coming home after a long tour last year, we went straight to the studio. We think it’s fair to say that ‘Moments’ has more of a “band” feel or live nerve than the rest of our releases – and that’s definitely due to this energy that was inside us at the time. So it’s a snapshot of where we were in our lives. Touring is fun, but it’s also intense and exhausting, which makes it such an emotional rollercoaster ride. You just run the whole gamut of emotions, and this inspired us to write these songs, where we invite people to voice their feelings by doing it ourselves.

How would you describe your sound?

Our beloved friend Better Person once called our genre “sentimental optimism”. But we prefer the term spa pop: our sound is both soul-nurturing and melodic, but we are also trying to create a space for contemplation, compassion and companionship.

Who would say are your influences both on a personal level, and musically?

Damn, the list is long…But in short, we are inspired by people who aren’t afraid of opening up their hearts and letting the world in. GENTS cherish the bold, the honest and the emotional. A guy like Sean Nicholas Savage who is driven by passion is a good example. And then apparently Stevie Wonder, who had a no. 1 hit song called ‘Part Time Lover’ without our knowing. Please, don’t sue us, Mr Wonder!

If there was one message you wanted to convey through your music, to your listeners, what would that be?

If you play our music backwards on your stereo, you might find out.

Who is one artist/band, from your personal playlist, you’ve had on repeat recently and why?

Enigma. This is basically everything GENTS stands for: sick beats, otherworldly synths and flutes, and the perfect soundtrack for a spa retreat with your boo (or just by yourself).

What’s next for you?

Got a few shows during the summer, but mostly we’ll spend time in the studio drinking natural wine and finishing up our new album.

Give ‘Moments’ a listen below:

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