Folk-Rock Trio The Ghibertins – ‘The Less I Know The Better’

‘The Less I Know the Better’ is the new single from Milan-based folk rock band The Ghibertins, released on the 14th July via Mob Sound Records.

The Ghibertins’ debut single ‘Round Trip’ remained in the Italian iTunes Top 10 Chart for Emerging Artists for 5 weeks. In 2016, the band performed at the Milan Design Week Exhibition and the Murmur of Art Gallery Event. The Ghibertins’ previous release, ‘Breathe For Me’ has received support so far from the likes of Konbini, Music Week, Pure Volume, BBC Radio London’s Gary Crowley and more.

The band consists of Alessio Hofmann (voice & guitar), Alessandro Fogazzi (guitar & bass) and Lorenzo Rivabella (guitar), and was formed in 2012 going on to release their first EP, ‘Square The Circle’ in 2015 at T-Rex Milan. Follow-up singles included ‘Walk Away’ and ‘Great Divide’. During 2016, the band won the prestigious top award at the Velvet Mag Italian Tour Music Festival. In September 2016, the group took on jazz guitarist and arranger Alberto Turra and versatile young drummer Daniele Capuzzi, expanding their lineup.

In February 2017, The Ghibertins recorded the 11-track album ‘The Less I Know The Better’ at MOB Sound Studio, experimenting with a fuller band sound while retaining the minimalist acoustic guitar origins of their previous work, and using the guitar case percussively to reflect the style and technique used during live performances.

Drawing influence from a wide range of artists, including John Mayer, Mumford & Sons, Ben Harper, Amos Lee, Father John Misty, Pearl Jam, Ryan Adams, Paul Simon, the single “The Less I Know the Better” is pure and simple modern folk rock – with a bite.  Hoffman’s lyrical declamations belted out against an energetic and nostalgically charged musical backing, combine a hefty dose of talent and proficiency – a veritable recipe for angsty folk rock heaven.

Expect impending updates about The Ghibertins and their exciting new album ‘The Less I Know the Better’ set for release later this year.

Find out more about The Ghibertins online on their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Instagram.

The Ghibertins - The Less I Know The Better

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