Daniel Land Presents ‘The World In Tune’

The World In Tune was created by the collaboration of producer Daniel Land with the world renowned travel agency Expedia.

A new collaboration project by Daniel Land has opened up opportunities for music lovers from all over to create and form their own compositions based off of pre-recorded videos of sixteen different instrumentalists from around the world. The idea was for multiple musicians to submit a video of themselves with their chosen instrument improvising melodies for two to three minutes while following some general guidelines such as the overall key of the song. These videos were submitted by the sixteen separate musicians coming from six different continents whom never met, heard, nor played with each other and then were mixed and mastered by producer Daniel Land in a way that each video could be played together in an infinite number of variations and combinations for anyone to create one’s own unique composition. The project is called The World In Tune and was created by the collaboration of producer Daniel Land with the world renowned travel agency Expedia. The general idea behind the project is the concept of unity through music despite differences in race, religion, sexual orientation, and culture.

“We wanted to at least try and make the world a little better, which is why we invited people to unite through music, regardless of faith, skin colour, sexual orientation or cultural differences. We learnt that small contributions of many can lead to something much greater, as embodied by our interactive project – The World In Tune.”  The best part about the project is that you are in total control over the final outcome of the composition. Visit The World In Tune website and you will be able to layer the different video tracks in any combination you desire to create your own unique composition.
The World In Tune was a project started with the goal of promoting unity through music. In a world with so many people putting up walls and marking boundaries it was the goal of this project to bring people from all different walks of life together to create something that embodied peace and unity.  Music is the universal language which has the power to transcend borders and break language barriers.
Daniel Land explains more about The World In Tune, stating, “Each clip is one performance with no looping, although the YouTube videos themselves have been formatted to loop once. ‎I didn’t want to specify an exact time, as the whole point (for me) was that the clips should be incommensurable, and naturally fall into different combinations.”
Daniel Land is a musician and producer of ambient and indie music and has a few different projects in which he delves into this free floating style of ambient music. Daniel explains, I have around fifteen years experience writing music that works in a similar fashion to this, with these kinds of floating, unanchored, interconnecting musical parts. I’m a big fan of Brian Eno, who really originated this kind of ‘generative’ approach in his ambient music and visual work. It’s a style I’ve used in my ambient project riverrunbut sometimes in the background of the songs I’ve released under my own name, or as Daniel Land & The Modern Painters. To learn about Daniel Land and his latest collaborative project The World In Tune visit The World In Tune link.
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