Su Casa Festival 2017

2017 saw Surf Snowdonia chosen to host Su Casa. The Ibiza home of the mini festival brought with them the summer party, with a set of DJs dotted around the surfing venue.

Previously in 2016, the festival lit up the coastal town of Conwy, wowing its festival goers with its beachy vibe and packed-out tunes.  

With DJs like Yousef and Cristoph headlining the main stage, the once carpark at Surf Snowdonia, was transformed into an active area, with local food stalls, glamping pods, disco tipis and hot tubs behind a huge man-made surf arena.

The disco tipi started people off with a range of tunes to get everyone in the mood before the DJs would begin their sets later.

Su Casa used Surf Snowdonia’s own glamping system set up surf side, where up to 4 festival goers per “pod” could rest up in the cosy accommodation.

The festival boasted many different areas, including the ‘secret garden’, a chill out zone for the less party injected folk. With hand painted tyres and wooden road signs, and a white marquee tent, the zone was the perfect area to relax in and chat with friends.

As far as North Wales festivals go, Su Casa definitely brings Ibiza to the country, and as venues go, this was pretty spectacular.

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