Backstage With Club Drive

Laurabeth hangs out backstage with pop band, Club Drive, asking them essential questions before their headline gig in Manchester, at Sound Control.

LB: How long have you been a band and who came up with the name and idea to become one?

Aaron: We’ve been Club Drive since February 2016, and we all used to play a 90s video game called ‘Club Drive’, so that’s where the inspiration came from.

LB: Do you have any hobbies when you’re not working on your music?

Tommy: Surfing Aaron: Football Christian: Fishing Steve: Biking

LB: You’ve just released the video for ‘Spare Time’ and have been added to the BBC Radio 1 playlist, is there anything else we can expect from you guys?

Aaron: We’re going to announce another tour, loads of festivals, new singles and videos and working with a lot of artists, which will be so fun and will be incredibly busy for us.

LB: With your current tour and festival appearances this summer, Club Drive are set for an exciting year. Are there any goals for the next few years ahead?

Steve: Wembley Tommy: To still be together Aaron: We’ve been lucky with so goals we’ve set ourselves, main stage at a main UK festival and a track on Radio 1 and we achieved that in 3 months this year. It still feels insane to think we’ve done all that in such a short space of time, and I don’t know, maybe if we’re still lucky, to play some bigger venues.

LB: How do you come up with your songs as a band?

Aaron: Tommy will come up with the instrumental and he’ll pitch it in to us and we’ll put our spin on it and then we’ll all sit down and come up with lyrics and polish the tracks together. Although, we did admit in a BBC Radio 1 interview, that 90% of our lyrics are written on the toilet and is where we get our inspiration.

LB: Well, it’s time to wrap up, good luck with your performance and thank you for inviting me and New Essentially Pop Writer, Zoe Turner along as guests, I look forward to covering your music in the future!

Aaron: Aww no problem! Our pleasure, thank you so much, and yes can’t wait to see them!

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