The Seal Breakers: Music Is An Outburst Of The Soul


The Seal Breakers, from Brooklyn, New York City, are an R&B/Pop trio who believe that music is an outburst of the soul, and is what feelings sound like.

Comprising Shea Butta, TaGee Fontaine, and Paula Sheniece, the three make music murals with their songs: painting a broad spectrum of colour and sound across a variety of instruments including horns, guitar, piano, and percussion.
They have a mature sound combined with a hip, young, contemporary attitude, approaching every note with fearless class, a dynamic vocal range, and a no nonsense approach.
Check out The Seal Breakers singing ‘Is It Possible?’:
The Seal Breakers won the award for Best R&B/Pop Group at the 2015 Underground Music Awards, and describe their sound as Hip-Pop-Soul. They’ve appeared on the Lenny Green Show (WBLS 107.5FM), and the ABC7 news programme, ‘Here And Now’. Additionally, they’ve performed at many famous venues, including BB Kings, and SOBs.
The Seal Breakers’ debut EP, ‘Life As We Know It’, was released in December 2015, and from which the trio released the singles, ‘Brooklyn’, ‘Is It Possible?’, and ‘Everything’.
Now they’re back with their latest track, ‘DWTD’ (Dancing With The Devil), accompanied by a great music video. The song has a Caribbean vibe to it, with sensual and tantalising lyrics about a beautiful young lady who takes vocalist TaGee’s breath away as he sees her on the dance floor.
Find out more about The Seal Breakers online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and their official website. ‘DWTD’ is available to download and stream from iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon.

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