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The Grammy Award Nominated quartet are due to release their sixth studio album on July 15th through Atlantic Records.

‘H A R D L O V E’ is co-produced by the band and was recorded at their very own Plantation Studios in Charleston, alongside Dave Tozer; who has worked with the likes of John Legend, Kimbra and Jon Levine (Melissa Etheridge, Cher Lloyd). 

The album follows on from NEEDTOBREETHE’s 2014’s ‘Rivers In The Wasteland’, debuting in the Billboard Chart at No.3 and topping the Rock and Alternative album charts.

H A R D L O V E is a power lock of expression, to which the band focus highly in their upcoming album.

“We were in a dark place when we made the last record, but to me this album is mostly a story of redemption. Most bands would’ve broken up ten times by now if they’d gone through what we went through, but I think it made us stronger than ever.” – Says Bear.

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The opening track on the album ‘MOUNTAIN, PT 1’, is an urgent and soul tingling melody, full of the album’s theme of redemption.

“If there’s a greater good that you want to be a part of, you’re going to have to suffer some punches in order to get there, and the song Hard Love is partly about recognizing that,” says Bo.

‘HAPPINESS’ is second on the upcoming album, and is highlighted by its pitch-perfect vocals and southern-fried flavour.

“Every dream costs you something, so it’s incredibly important to chase it for the right reasons,” – says Bear. “HAPPINESS is about how the people around you are the ones who get hurt the most by you going after your dreams, but it’s also about knowing that the people who really love you will stick by you through it all.”

In addition to its power punching ballads, and its ardent vocals, ‘MONEY & FAME’ sows NEEDTOBREATHE upcoming release hailed in the music industry.

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‘Great Night’ is in collaboration with country-folk duo – Shovels & Rope, in delivering a sizzling summer party anthem. The next track is ‘LET’S STAY HOME TONIGHT’, a tender tribute being in able to stay in and cuddling up with the one you love, while the charged ‘TESTIFY’, offers up a meditation on the feeling of having your faith restored.

NEEDTOBREATHE closes out H A R D L O V E with a seven-minute-long epic shot, named, ‘Clear’. A well thought-out concoction of ethereal harmonies and cascading guitar melodies.

“When I first wrote ‘CLEAR’, it felt almost like a wedding song, but it ended up becoming something deeper than that,” – says Bo. “Instead of some fairy-tale, dreamlike thing, it’s more about the focus and clarity of realizing what’s most important to you in the world.” 

The album ‘H A R D L O V E’, is due to be released this July 15th through Atlantic Records and can be pre-ordered on iTunes now.

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