HOT FUZZ – Buzz Saw Guitars Meet Hip Hop Rhythms On New Inconsistent Jukebox Release


A genre-defying collage of electro beats, distorted guitar,  jaw’s harp and seductive almost spoken-word vocals,  it’s fair to say Bold Ego Fledgling is not your average single release.

The product of the imagination of Barry Snaith, alias The Inconsistent Jukebox, it features contributions from artists all over the globe.

Having cut his teeth as a guitarist for punk/new wave royalty like The Ramones and Chrissie Hynde, Snaith is clearly a well connected musician with an eye for startling and unusual collaborations.

Bold Ego Fledging opens with twanging Jaw’s Harp, courtesy of Hungarian maestro Konokunok, which then gives way to robotic bursts of Snaith’s own fuzz guitar.

Vegas-based singer Ang Kerfoot adds to the drama with surreal lyrics and spooky chanted vocals which  sound almost like an incantation.

Having also played alongside David Johansen and Johnny Thunders of Morrissey faves The New York Dolls, Snaith has maybe learned a thing or two about blending a sense of theatre with raw punk aggression.

Hence the Bowie-like video, featuring dancers in CND gas masks, choreographed by New Zealander Parris Goebel, noted for her work with Rihanna, J-Lo and Nicki Minaj.

Cool without being contrived, it’s a dark, daring audio-visual package that recalls the best of rock-dance crossovers like Prodigy’s Firestarter, or Loaded by Primal Scream.

  • Bold Ego Fledgling is released on August 5 on the Supersonic Media label. Featuring four remixes, it’s available for pre-order on this link.


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