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Chris Tullock is a singer songwriter from the North West of England. We came across his music and found him a very interesting person – and this was confirmed when he sent us his Essential Weekly Playlist. We hope you enjoy his choices as much as we have.

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Modest Mussorgsky – ‘Night On Bald Mountain’

Ok, so not the usual sort of genre you would associate with the song that gets you on the road to your love of music, this piece though truly excited me. Its use of calando to crescendo is just brilliant, and the overall ambiance to the song just drew me into its musical breast. Everyone has a classical piece they love and this one is mine.

Mussorgsky - Night on Bald Mountain

Various Artists – ‘The Old Rugged Cross’

Ok this song brings back so many memories both happy and sad…

As a young lad my Granddad would have this playing in the house every time we went to visit him.

I can remember even as a child of 7 how it just hit me emotionally, and when this great and wonderful loving man passed on, this was one of his songs played at his funeral, as you can imagine, I was a total wreck…just had to include this…he was and still is the man I look up to the most.

The Old Rugged Cross-Johnny & June Carter Cash.wmv

Ultravox – ‘Vienna’

Right, change of direction now, I can remember hearing this for the first time and instantly loving it, How the heck Joe Dolce kept this from getting to number one I don’t know. It’s so atmospheric, still one of my favourite bands today, I have songs by Ultravox that I like more, but this was the start of some great early electronic music, yet still mixed with raw guitar.

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Queen – ‘It’s Late’

Probably my biggest influence music wise, and this is not one of the well-known songs, to be honest, I could have picked one of many, however just love the riff in this song and its overall honesty, I think it shows how accomplished the whole band were. And come on, who doesn’t love Freddie!

Queen - It's Late (Official Lyric Video)

David Bowie – ‘Quicksand’

Ok now onto the legend that was Bowie, like Queen, nearly impossible to pick one…

This song however just immersed me completely. My first experience of Bowie was ‘Ashes To Ashes’, and it’s from there that I started listening to his older material, and when I started listening to ‘Hunky Dory’ I was blown away. Such brilliant well-crafted songs, and this my favourite. Another artist who I have been influenced by heavily.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show – ‘Time Warp’

Well, what can I say about this, no I didn’t do the dressing up bit, but have to admit, some great times with great friends doing the dance! I had to put this in just because it reminds me of being young wild and free…got the song into your head yet? …I caught you, doing the moves at your desk tee hee…

'Time Warp' Scene w/ Lyrics | The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Eva Cassidy’s Cover of ‘Songbird’

I like many others didn’t discover Eva until her premature passing, and wow, when I did I couldn’t get enough of her. Now, I loved this song from Fleetwood Mac, but Eva really does take it to a different level, not ashamed to say it just moves me so much. In my opinion she was one of the best vocalists ever, not many have the power to move you.

Eva Cassidy - Songbird

Simon and Garfunkel – ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’

This in my opinion is one of the best songs ever written, in terms of melody and lyrics I love singing this one, it’s another huge influence on my musical thinking.

Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water  - Madison Square Garden, NYC - 2009/10/29&30

Queens Of The Stone Age – ‘No One Knows’

This just grabbed me the first time I heard great video and love the drums by Dave Grohl. I had to put this in for the simple fact it’s the greatest driving song ever.

Queens Of The Stone Age - No One Knows (Official Music Video)

The Cars – ‘Drive’

Finally the song of Live Aid. I remember so vividly the haunting images, I’ve never seen a song fit better to the images shown…maybe it was because we had never seen music and images used in such away for charity, but still to this day in touches my heart.

The Cars - Drive (MTV - Live Aid 7/13/1985)

If truth be told, I could probably do another 100 of these,  all different. Such a hard thing to do.

Find Chris online on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Check out his music on Soundcloud, including his stirring new cover of Adele’s song, ‘When We Were Young’.

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