10 Questions for Runabay and a Bonus One

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Runabay are back with a new single, ‘This Day’, out on December 5. Leading up to the release, we thought we’d have a catch up with the guys from the Glens of Antrim. Our brief for the interview was to ask fun, unusual questions that brought out something of the personality of the band –  we think we’ve gone at least part of the way…all answers are a collaborative effort between Gary and Gerard.

EP: Hey guys! It’s been a while since we heard from you – what’s new?

R: First and foremost we’ve been busy in Millbank Studio working with Mike Mormecha to record our new single ‘This Day’. We’ve had a few firsts since our debut EP ‘The June EP’, namely our first gig in Dublin at the Ruby Sessions and our first London showcase gig in Nell’s Jazz and Blues Club, both were very exciting and well received.

We’ve just, ‘this day’ (Saturday 21/11/15), finished recording the video for the single which we’re really excited about and it was filmed close to home in fact in Gerard’s home town of Robot-town Cushendun!

EP: If you won a million pounds what would you do with it?

R: Certainly not do what Bill Drummond (KLF) did with it.

K foundation burn a million quid

As a band we would probably use it to make more music, although individually we would all squander/invest it in our own very different exciting/boring ways.

EP: Favourite place in the world?

R: Somewhere I haven’t been yet probably, but for those that haven’t been, The Glens of Antrim is one of the most beautiful places in the world and worth a visit.

EP: Favourite food?

R: Pot noodle and crisp sandwiches.

EP: Dream collaboration?

R: Radiohead or Nick Drake or R.E.M. or the Shins or Taylor Swift or or or or…

EP: Belts or braces?

R: Probably braces for the dental aspect alone.

EP: Favourite colour?

R: My favourite colour is that of the dress made famous by t’internet phenomena, so that would be blue and black …  I mean white and gold.

EP: What’s your philosophy on life?

R: The world is fucked up and scary and wonderful and beautiful at the same time and when you have children you just worry about them living in a fucked up scary world and nothing else really matters… wow that’s dark.

EP: So Runabay comes from Rú na Beithe does it? Do you all speak Irish then or just know a few words and if so what can you say? Teach us some Irish 🙂

R: No, we have about 3 words between us and to be honest and we didn’t choose the name for its Irish meaning. Where the Beithe means Birch by all accounts, the name runabay comes from a place (headland) between Torr head and Cushendun bay so a place near where we call home.  I’d like to be fluent in Irish but I’m too lazy but here are a couple of words you can try in translate ‘Seo Lá’. [it means ‘This Day’ ed.]

EP: Is Runabay a democracy or does someone lead from the top? How does that all work?

R: Everyone’s a cook, everyone’s head-chef, even the sous chef, and sometimes we make broth…Sometimes everyone is Gordon Ramsey.

Come down to a practice at Blackstaff someday and you’ll find out.

EP: What has been the best thing that’s ever happened to you?

R: As a band? We won a million pounds one-time – please see answer to Question 2 – Also we played The Limelight, and Mandella Hall…

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