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12189853_1229281177088602_2615706192222207400_nLondon alt-pop singer Aaron releases her single, ‘Kids’, which will follow up her well received debut EP Letters To Jonny and be on her forthcoming EP, For You. ‘Kids’ has an organic feel with more live instrumentation which is a slight shift from Aaron’s previous recordings that lean heavier toward the electronic sound and will be released by Tradiio Recordings, a label of music discovery and artist accelerator platform.

The 22 year old singer/songwriter Aaron has a variety of influences citing artist, authors, and poets such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Ted Hughes, Todd Rundgren, and Mac DeMarco as well as an eclectic taste in music ranging from jazz, R&B, alternative, and garage rock. Her latest single ‘Kids’ is captivating and moody with incredibly soothing vocals and a complimenting melodic instrumentation.  The song uses more live instrumentation giving the new single ‘Kids’ a more organic feel and a roomy live presence. Aaron explains the decision to use more live instrumentation stating:

11147842_1109322042417850_3128680842717393845_nThrough spending time on the performances for my debut, using live instruments and playing my band, there was a natural inclination to include texture and tone that I don’t feel you can replicate electronically” she explains. “I was also listening to a lot of garage bands and guitar based singer-songwriters from the ’70s onwards so that has definitely contributed to the feel of my new work”.

Aaron was described by Wonderland Magazine as an artist with a ..“polished, moody early 80s Madonna vibe paired with some brilliantly effective vocals”.  For more info about Aaron and her latest single, ‘Kids’, check out her websiteFacebookTwitter, and Tradiio.


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