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Jason Davis is an entertainment manager and the founder and president of One One 7. We took up the opportunity to speak with him to get a different perspective on the music industry. Jason is a committed Christian, with his faith shaping his life and decision making.

EP: You’ve recently published your memoir, ‘Your Love Pursues’. For the benefit of our readers – what’s it all about? In short, what’s the Jason Davis story? 

JD: My story is the story of wanting to be loved and searching the entire world to find it until eventually finding it in a personal relationship with Jesus. It’s also the story of how God gave me a passion for music and how as I pursued music, God used music to pursue me.

 EP: You’ve been in the music industry for a long time – what’s your take on the current situation? What could be changed, what should remain? 

JD: My take on the current situation is it’s very positive. Artists today have more resources to make better music then ever before, and they have resources to get their music exposed on a mass level that they never had before. Additionally, with all the social media now artists have a way to personally engage with fans in a more intimate way. I think the income streams that are merging between the present and future will work themselves out.

EP: Advice for anyone getting into the music industry today? 

JD: The advice I would give for anyone looking into getting into the music industry is to make sure you’re at a place where you feel like you have to do it. It’s not easy it requires a lot of genuine passion, perseverance and focus to make the best product with the best songs you possibly can. I would work hard to build and engage an audience behind your product. TV and film licensing can also be lucrative. You don’t have to be a pop star to make a living creating music.

EP: Do you believe an independent artist can maintain a successful career indefinitely?

JD: I do believe it because I have seen it. There are tons of artists who aren’t mainstream and make solid livings from doing consistent shows or from TV and film licensing.

EP: What makes One One 7 Music different to other record companies?

JD: We aren’t a record company, although we have been approached regarding potential partnership deals to become a record company. That has always been an interest to me, but something that separates us from other music companies is our strong commitment to sticking with and developing artists. We see greatness within someone and are willing to nurture and develop that greatness to help bring it out where other music companies out there are generally not as interested in investing into someone’s life as much as we are.

EP: Who do you look up to, in life, in work? 

JD: I only look up to Jesus.

EP: You began your career as a hit songwriter – what are some of your songs we may have heard of? 

JD: In 2000, “Captured” a song I wrote won an ASCAP award for being one of the top radio air played songs of the year.

EP: If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently? 

JD: I wouldn’t change anything because the mistakes and failures I had helped educate me and gave me more compassion for artists who may have met the wrong people. It fuelled my passion for caring and loving artists as people and has grown my desire to protect people.

Jason Davis’ memoir, ‘Your Love Pursues’, is available on Amazon and iBooks.



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