Essentially Pop Talks to Mariann Rosa


We introduced you to Mariann Rosa a couple of months ago – since then we’ve had the opportunity to speak with her.

EP:  Can you tell us a little about yourself for our readers who may not be familiar with you?

MR: Long story short… I started my first rock -group when I was 13 years old, and have kept on doing what I love the most since. My former group SURFEROSA toured around the world, supported The Killers, released 3 albums +++. I was a judge of norwegian Idol in 2007. Been nominated best and worst dressed woman in Norway many times. LOL ! Hmmmm….so much has happened. I remember my first gig in London in 2002…. Courtney Love loved my band and invited me to see her dj at Metro Club. She grabbed my tits and tried to tongue-kiss me, asked if I wanted to go to an after-party with her.I refused to go without my band. “Only you”, she said. When I said no, she screamed “FUCK YOU “. I screamd “FUCK YOU” back. Rock´n roll.

Now I´m solo, and ready for new adventures!

EP:  How different do you find living in London to Norway?

MR: I live in both places. It´s like having two lovers at the same time. London is bigger and more crazy in a good way, and Oslo is more like London´s little brother. More calm and smaller.

EP:  You spent some time as a judge on Norway’s version of ‘Idol’. Did you find it easy or difficult to criticise other artist?

MR: I didn´t criticise other artists.. I tried to choose interesting and “different” people in the competition, cause Idol needs it. Two of my favorites are big artists in Norway today! I´m soooo proud of them!

EP:  Would you advise emerging artists to take the TV talent show route?

MR: Well, it´s up to them. I would never do it myself. I´m into a different type of scene for my way of doing music and writing music. People must do what they want to do! I´ve written a song about it called : WHAT I WANT. It´s going to be on my upcoming album.

EP:  What was it like supporting The Killers with your former band Surferosa? Did you get the chance to hang out with them?

MR: We are still good friends today! When The Killers play in Oslo, we always eat, drink and hangout! I´m their host 🙂 It was amazing touring with them, cause we loved their music and they were really nice towards us. We did USA, Canada and Uk together. 2 years ago I made some music Mark Stoermer when I was in LA. Great fun!

EP:  How does it feel to have been crowned Best Dressed Norwegian Artist and have your own room in the Norwegian Museum of Popular Music?

MR: It´s fun and a big honor! I have been dressed worst several times too. he he !!! Who care! You can say I´m over-the-top interested in design and music ! HEART !

EP:  Your new single ‘Banjo For My Bitches’, is due for release on 6th July, what can you tell us about that?

MR: So excited about it! I´ve worked so hard to get where I am today, and I so pleased with the result. The first taste of my music-world is BANJO FOR MY BITCHES. The song is recorded by Zebra1 and mixed/mastered by Dario Dendi. It will be released on my own label, POPJOY records. I kinda like the do-it-yourself thing…. if you wanna get things done!

EP:  Who are your musical inspirations?

MR: Tricky one. I have to say David Bowie, The Prodigy, Dr Alban and rock’n’roll! My genre is a mix of rock, pop, electro and afro! I call it WTF!

EP:  What do you like to do away from the music, how do you relax?

MR: I go the the woods, the mountains and the sea. Seriously! Hardcore nature-hiking! The best thing is to be outdoors… besides doing music !

EP:  You are both a vocalist and a DJ, what would you say was your greater passion?

MR: I´ve been singing all my life and DJing for 14 years, and these two passions go hand in hand.

EP:  What are your plans after the release of ‘Banjo For My Bitches’?

MR: My plans are to play as much as I can live in the UK. I´m planning a London-tour in the fall. And then we’ll see…. Now I´m enjoying the moment, cause I worked so hard for this! 4real!

‘Banjo For My Bitches’ is set for release on July 6. Mariann Rosa will be performing at The Hawley Arms, Camden, on 18 June.

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