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The Italian electro-synth duo, A Copy For Collapse, serves up an exquisite package of dance heavy beats and pitch shifty saturated synth sounds with the release of their second full length LP, ‘Waiting For’.

The release of the ‘Waiting For’ LP will officially be on June 15 2015 through the label No Sense Of Place and it will be available on vinyl as well as digital formats.

‘Waiting For’ is pounding with amazing dance beats and blanketed with lush synth harmonies. The flow of the album is great and each song was made to piece the next song and it is definitely an album worth purchasing on vinyl.

The track ‘Light’ has great space and depth with a very front to back style of mixing and good use of reverb and delay effects.

The next track ‘Lost In Decay’ does the exact opposite creating a more side to side motion with the intense stereo movement.

‘Alone’ is another great song that starts out pretty straightforward but then takes a unique pitch shift bringing the song and atmosphere to a whole other level.

‘Confusion’ shows off a completely different style with a more upbeat tempo, a glittery pop sound, and some out of whack pitch shifting on the lead synth.In 2013 A Copy For Collapse released their debut album on Seahorse Records and then released the Lucid Dreams EP in 2014. Ever since, the duo, consisting of Daniele Raguso and Aria Myrskya, have been accelerating with great influence into the electronic music scene.

Boasting collaborations with Canadian-Ukrainian dream pop duo, Ummagma, Russian shoegaze darlings Aerofall, as well as Redrum Alone, Leland, and Ecole du Ciel, the duo from Italy have been making their rounds.


In addition, they will be playing this summer with Aucan, The KVB, and Gazelle Twin and have already shared the stage with Darren Price (Underworld) and Etienne de Crecy.

The remix of the song ‘No Failure’ by the Euro-electronic-wunderkid, Aucan, has great fluidity of the grungy bass synth foundations and sparkling synth melodies.

To learn more about A Copy For Collapse and their new LP visit their Soundcloud and YouTube.


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