Smokey Joe & The Kid feat. Blake Worrell – Smokid Inc.

1557499_627352753969245_513267949_nSmokey Joe & The Kid, the beatmaker duo from Bordeaux team up with Puppetmastaz, Blake Worrell,  and hit the road with another outstanding EP called Smokid Inc.

Smokey Joe & The Kid have been hard at work since 2013 with their debut album ‘Nasty Trick’ (Banzai Lab 2013) and then, ‘The Game’ and ‘Rough & Tough’, two critically acclaimed EP’s that were recorded last year in California.  The new EP, Smokid Inc. released June 1st, carries the same nostalgia as their past EP’s but with MC Blake Worrell there is no telling where this trip will take you.

11143127_825625617475290_7762897047300795102_nThe song ‘Smokid Inc’ starts the groove with a tap dance beat and then develops into a hip hop beat drum groove and a soulful vocal that eventually shifts into a ragtime style piano and is a great upbeat track that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. ‘Have a Look Out’ begins with Mediterranean folk music, a bumping beat, and some creative vocal samples; and then combines that with some DJ record scratching and the big band horn section. The song ‘Jailhouse Blues’, not related to the Lightnin’ Hopkins version but a great song in it’s own right, starts with a more somber tone and a great melody construed together with soulful lyrics. ‘Somehow’ is great example of how the classic roaring 20’s sound and hip hop can be mashed together to make a new great sound and there YouTube video does the song  justice with the lyrical attack of Blake Worrell.

Known for their great performances already, Smokey Joe & The Kid are on the road constantly and can be seen in many different venues.


 16/05/15 – ARRADON (FR-56) – Algues au Rythme

27/05/15 – PARTHENAY (FR-79) – Diff’Art feat. Blake Worrell

12/06/15 – ROUBAIX – La Cave aux Poètes

26/06/15 – POLEYMIEUX (FR-69) – Festival Démon d’Or feat. Blake Worrell

27/06/15 – SAINT PATERNE RACAN (FR-37) – Festival des Kampagn’Arts feat. Blake Worrell

28/06/15 – FUSION Festival (DE)

03/07/15 – LISLE SUR TARN(FR-81) – Les Arts Scénics feat. Blake Worrell

04/07/15 – GRADIGNAN (FR-33) – Festival Play feat. Blake Worrell

11/07/15 – NEVERS (FR-58) – Festival Partie de Campagne feat. Blake Worrell

24/07/15 – Secret Garden Party (UK)

25/07/15 – HEREFORDSHIRE (UK) – Nozstock Festival

29/08/15 – AMBES (FR-33) – Festival les Odyssées feat. Blake Worrell

With blasting hip hop beats and trembling sub bass sounds creatively mixed with vintage record sounds of the swing era the new EP, Smokid Inc, is sure to get any dance hall jumping; and with the addition of extremely creative MC, Blake Worrell, the duo comes loaded with an aggressive attack of free flowing hip hop vocals.


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