The Wealden Release New EP ‘Rushes’

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The Wealden consists of two London musicians, composer/guitarist Justin Quinn and vocalist/songwriter Tim Dickinson.  Together, this much-sought after duo creates their own brand of Art-Pop, combining powerful voices with excellent musicianship and original songwriting.

Although the names may not be familiar, it is likely you would have heard them before. Tim, who has a background in choral music, was the voice of Frank Zappa with The London Sinfonietta and David Bowie in Dylan Howe’s ‘Berlin Trilogy’. He was praised for his amazing voice in Charles Hazelwood’s ‘The Beggar’s Opera: Reborn” project and was a part of London-based rock band, Enamel, as well as his own bands, Elephant Juice and The Silver Lining.

Justin began his musical career in Jazz, winning a BBC Jazz Award for Innovation, and the number one Jazz album of the year in 2005. He has also performed and recorded with such diverse artists Jack Bruce, Tom Hickox, Shpongle, The Webb Sisters and Leafcutter John, along with the Philharmonia, London Philharmonic, Halle and John Wilson Orchestras.

Together, they have released an EP entitled ‘Rushes’. The self released EP is as good as one would expect from two such accomplished artists, with a fresh, well polished sound, it is a collection of cleverly written songs, using real instruments.

“Rushes” consists of four original and interesting tracks, ‘My Sign’, ‘Lifeline’, and ‘Boyband’ see the duo accompanied by Brad Webb on drums, with Chris Hill also accompanying on synth bass for the beautifully intelligent ballad, ‘Blue and Gold’.

The Wealden are expected to release their debut album later this year, and we can’t wait to hear it.

The Wealden will be performing music from their forthcoming album on May 14th at 229 The Venue, London  (229  Great Portland Street, W1W 5PN).  Tickets:  229 The Venue /0207 631 8379 or via The Wealden’s official website. You can purchase ‘Rushes’ by The Wealden on iTunes.

Check out the very moving minimal ‘Blue & Gold’ with some amazing steel guitar, haunting harmonies and abstract atmospherics:

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