Whitney V Elton. Who’s still standing?


Yes, It’s time for my x factor round up again. This week was a Whitney V Elton John face off and there was going to be a double elimination – Don don don! But, how would we know who Saturday night wasn’t going to be alright for? I suppose it was one moment in time to look forward to!

We had a mixed bag of performances this week. Obviously, with a Whitney Heuston song you’re going to need to bring out your inner Diva and Andrea Faustini was in his element singing ‘I Have Nothing’. He certainly injected passion in to the song. Ben Haenow didn’t fare so well singing ‘I Will Always Love You’ whilst looking at us with his puppy dog eyes. They gave the song a different arrangement which I felt didn’t work. It just wasn’t sung with the power you need for a Whitney song.

We had some more energetic numbers from Fleur East and Lauren Platt. Lauren put on a good show but a little boy gate crashed the stage (It was actually her brother but I thought he looked very out of place). Fleur sang ‘I’m Every Woman’ really well and I would say Saturday night’s performance has put her on course for the final.

Stevi was up to his usual antics, using every trick in the book to distract us from his lack of talent. A whacky gold outfit, treacle rubbed in to his stomach and fire on stage couldn’t detract from his crap singing. And then Only The Young – don’t you know they’re fun with their bright clothes and lots of jumping around and party streamers everywhere – yeah, we get it. Very annoying!

Stereokicks closed the show – And watching you sing is like the sun going down on me! (Sorry, I just don’t like them – there’s too many of them.

Only the Young were kicked out on Saturday. I’m obviously not the only one who finds them annoying.

Stevi was knocked out on Sunday in a no brainer of a sing off against Andrea Faustini. I think many people agreed that it was time for him to go and that his amazing singing and dancing would be missed. (Ok, I made that part up).

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