The Essential Advent Calendar: December 4

The Essential Advent Calendar: December 4 – The Aquadolls Cover The Waitresses Holiday Classic ‘Xmas Wrapping’! Produced By Fat Mike Of NOFX And feat. Angelo Moore Of Fishbone And El Jefe of NOFX 1

Southern California’s The Aquadolls are ringing in the holidays with a new take on The Waitresses holiday classic ‘Xmas Wrapping’. The track was produced by none other than Fat Mike of NOFX and features appearances by Angelo Moore of Fishbone on saxophone and El Jefe of NOFX on trumpet.

ASHRR – ‘All Yours All Mine’ (Darker Days Mix) And ‘Don’t Wait Too Long’

Although there are an absolute shedload of bands to get your teeth into in Southern California, not many of them hook into the absolute weirdness of the area; the geographical juxtapositions – sea and mountains in close proximity; pine forests looming over city scapes; the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, filled with cars and people and yet coyotes and mountain lions also call the sprawling metropolis home.

Tritonal ‘Hard Pass’ (ft. Ryann) and ‘Diamonds’ (ft. Rosie Darling)

Progressive House, Electro House, and Trance Future Bass are all styles that David Reed and Chad Cisneros have experimented with in over a decade of working together as Tritonal. They’ve won the respect and recognition of some of the biggest names in electronic music, including Armin van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Nicky Romero, Above & Beyond, to name a few. They’ve taken Tritonal to the Electric Daisy Carnival, the Electric Zoo, Creamfields in Australia, Ultra Music Festival, and other top notch EDM events. On top of all that, with ‘Air Up There’, and their new Tritonia show on Sirius XM, they show themselves to be both skilled and discerning radio hosts.

Fellow Robot – ‘Don’t Deny Me’

Southern California based indie group Fellow Robot started out as an idea brewing in the mind of frontman Anthony Pedroza, who a few years ago began writing the sci-fi novel, ‘The Robot’s Guide To Music’ while dealing with personal troubles. The concept albums for this project, The Robot’s Guide to Music Vol. 1 (2018) and Vol. 2 (set to release April 24 through Donut Sounds Record Co), are co-literary companions to the book. The band itself plays the role of the 140-year-old robot and main character of the book. Each official release is meant to build on and complement the story of the previous one.

Sex People’s ‘Sanctuary City’ Is Like A Sexier, More Musical ‘On The Road’

Sex People started with Knarfy, a sixth-generation Southern Californian. He had two unsuccessful monogamous romances – each lasting a year – and after tasting all that LA had to offer, realised he was polysexual. Soon after, Knarfy’s mother died suddenly, and after a year’s grieving and celibacy, Knarfy met F.I.T., a Nigerian-born hip hiop artist. F.I.T. had travelled the world the previous five years, and finally found himself in Los Angeles, in search of his part of the American dream. The pair hit it off and formed Sex People, slowly bringing in a variety of singers, musicians, and artists into the group. Their debut EP, ‘Cal-Island: Season One’, is set for release on January 11, with the first single, the experimental pop track ‘Sanctuary City’ out now.