Soft People Get ‘Tender’ With New Single Out July 12

Late last year we introduced readers to Soft People, a husband and husband duo from San Luis Obispo, almost exactly in between San Francisco and LA. Their song ‘Absolute Boy’, struck us with its deeply personal lyrics, and 80s stylings, and we really enjoyed their sound. So we’re happy to announce that their new single, ‘Tender’, is set for release this Friday July 12, ahead of their performance at The California Central Coast Pride Festival that weekend.

Pezzettino – ‘How To’

Margaret Stutt found her recording moniker from a children’s book of the same name, written and illustrated by Leo Lionni. The titular character of the book lives in a world where everyone is big, and does wonderful things; Pezzettino however is small; just a little piece (Pezzettino is “piece” in Italian). “I must be a piece of somebody. I must belong to somebody else.” Pezzettino discovers that he belongs to nobody but himself, and finds peace and joy in the realisation.

Soft People – ‘The Absolute Boy’

Soft People have that whole California feel about them, which isn’t surprising when you discover that they’re based in San Luis Obispo, close to the midpoint between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The duo comprises married couple Caleb Nichols and John Metz, who met when Nichols, a long term member of the Oakland California music scene, hired John as his drummer, for his band, Grand Lake. The pair started dating shortly after, and that, as they say in the classics, was that.