NIKO Returns With New Single ‘The Palace Discotheque’, The Follow Up To Previous Release ‘You Used To Have Her’

Niko has dropped another exciting single in the lead up to the release of her upcoming album, ‘Electric Union’. There’s something wildly reminiscent of Tubeway Army in her sound, along with Kate Bush, and Debbie Harry – but to us the strongest comparison would be to Lene Lovich. However, in the hands of Niko, all these sounds become her very own, and we are compelled by the urge to get on a train and make our way to The Palace Discotheque.

Niko’s New Single, ‘You Used To Have Her’, Leads The Way Ahead Of Upcoming Album ‘Electric Union’

With an 80s sensibility embodied in industrial synths, alongside a strident backbeat, fuzzy bass, ‘You Used To Have Her’ is the first single from Seattle Washington artist Niko’s upcoming album, ‘Electric Union’. Released on ATIC Records and produced by labelmate and frequent collaborator Aim, Niko manages to all at the same time channel Debbie Harry, Kate Bush, Lene Lovich, and we’re loving it.

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