Stewart Copeland Releases Re-Imagining Of Police’s Greatest Hits With Ricky Kej

Stewart Copeland, famous drummer and former member of legendary English rock band The Police, released a re-imagining of the group’s greatest hits last week, on August 25th, alongside Indian producer Ricky Kej and a suite of other international artists. Featuring musicians from almost every continent (sorry Oceania and South America), the epic new album retains the same sound the Police brought to the world forty years ago, while the new artists put their own twist on it.

HIGH FLYING BIRDS – A Flock of Seagulls’ Bassist Frank Maudsley On The Return Of The 1980’s Fab Four

With their futuristic sound and frontman Mike Score’s outlandish haircut, A Flock of Seagulls were as synonymous with the eighties as yuppies, ET and DeLorean cars.
They achieved rapid fame – perhaps too rapid in retrospect – and burned brightly but briefly – the original quartet releasing just two albums. before imploding in a whirl of breakdowns and inter-band rivalries.