Lucy Spraggan Releases New Album ‘Choices’ Today Friday 26th February

Lucy Spraggan releases album number six today and it’s an album that comes from the soul. Most artists will have, at some point in their career, the record that changes everything for them. It might not be the album with the most success, or the album with the most hits but it will be that album where everything seems to come together, where the lessons learned from everything that comes previously enables something forged in real honesty, in real emotion. For me, this will be that album for Lucy; the record that becomes the touchstone for everything that will inevitably follow, the bar against which everything else will be compared.

Glastonbury Repeat Performer, Lucy Spraggan, One Of Our Brightest Stars, Chats About Her New Single, ‘Flowers’, And A Personal Relaunch

Without any doubt, Lucy Spraggan is one of our brighter stars. Anyone that can release 5 albums in the past 9 years with an exciting sixth on the way early next year, play world famous Glastonbury twice, with this year’s third appearance sadly postponed, has certainly stood the most important first test for any artist, the test of time. That she should be more excited now about the future than feasibly at any time before, looking forward to a record she thinks might just be her best proves she has so much to give.

Lucy Spraggan Today Releases ‘Flowers’ – First Single And Video From Upcoming Album ‘Choices’

No stranger to the spotlight, Lucy Spraggan is one of the UK’s most exciting and talented young, female singer songwriters today. Despite shooting to fame after only a short time on the primetime TV show X Factor, she found herself hitting the headlines and becoming a household name as a feisty, female champion for the LGBTQ community. However, Lucy has successfully retained respect from fans and critics alike as so much more than another reality celebrity. An accomplished musician, whose songs ooze with her personality and lyrical content full of humour, Lucy’s jaunty melodies will drop into your ears and bring a smile to your lips as you find yourself happily humming along at any hour of the day.

Lucy Spraggan On Fitness, New Album ‘Choices’, And Who Would Play Her In A Movie.

Former X Factor singer songwriter Lucy Spraggan, who rose to fame through her debut top 20 hit ‘Last Night’ to which she sang at her 2012 audition on X Factor, has since released 5 albums, with her debut in at number 7 and 2 just shy of the top 10. With over half a million engaged social media followers and a planned tour in Autumn this year, Lucy speaks to Laurabeth about her incredible fitness journey, upcoming new album, ‘Choices’ and planned tour and who would play her in a movie.

Here’s The Secret To Getting Superfans

Think of some of the most influential music of all time…Beyoncé, The Beatles, Michael Jackson…now think, what made these artists so successful? Sure, they made great music, but who’s listening to that great music? The fans! In this day an age, getting exposure to the right audience is just as important as getting your sound right. Reaching the right audience gives you the best shot at growing your fanbase, getting scouted, playing a live gig or even getting your first album deal. We’ve rounded up some top tips from music industry expert, Chris Grayston, on how to grow your fans and followers.