Jen Fodor Releases New Song, ‘Saturday’, Featuring Vocals By Sara Beth Go And Lisa Asks Her About Her Life, Music, And Other Creative Ventures

Michigan native Jen Fodor threw caution to the wind, and packed up her life and moved to Los Angeles, to follow her dreams. The City of Angels is well known for taking young hopefuls and spitting them out the other side, but thankfully Jen is made of sterner stuff, and her immense creative vision and drive has seen her take on just about every role you can think of in the entertainment industry.

Jen Fodor (feat. Nadia Vaeh) – ‘Front Row’ 

For the past ten years Michigan native Jen Fodor has worked in nearly every part of the entertainment business, from working alongside directors like Spike Jonze to creating her own podcast and being an incredible filmmaker in her own right. Jen’s latest film follows the incredible life of Howard Mordoh, aka The Dancing Man of LA. Those who’ve been to shows in LA may well remember him as the white-haired man as he spins and turns to the music. Jen’s latest project, ‘Front Row’, is dedicated to Howard, as well as every other music lover who’s missing live music – and features the incredible vocals of Nadia Vaeh.