Could Jedward Be About To Drop Their Long Awaited Fourth Album?

It’s been nearly 7 years since Jedward released the concept album, ‘Young Love’. Their third album, it signalled the end of their relationship with former label, Universal Music Ireland, but significantly, not the end of their career. Since that time, they have worked hard at establishing themselves as independent artists, releasing 12 stand alone, self-written singles, starting with ‘Free Spirit’, back in July 2014.

‘Golden Years’ – New Tricks For Pensioners In Comic Drama

Arthur Goode is a man with a mission. Feeling the need to get back what the world owes him and his friends, Arthur and his wife Martha start robbing banks. Golden Years is from Moli Films Entertainment, High Fliers Films and Content Media. It’s been written by Nick Knowles, John Miller and Jeremy Sheldon and Directed by John Miller, and available now to pre-order on iTunes and on DVD and on general digital release from 29th August 2016.