John Grimes Of Jedward Soars Way Up High With Acoustic Cover Of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ Ahead Of ‘Taste The Heat’ Music Video Release

Jedward star John Grimes last week released a stunning acoustic cover of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’, dedicated to his best friend Tara Reid, who had told him it was her favourite song. The track, based on the Israel Kamakawiwo’ole arrangement, comes ahead of tomorrow’s release of the music video for Jedward’s song, ‘Taste The Heat’.

John Grimes Of #Jedward Releases Stirring Acoustic Cover Of Harry Styles ‘Falling’

Lockdown seems to be agreeing with Jedward, who are using the period to stimulate their creativity while they are in isolation in Los Angeles. For the second time this week, John has released a video of himself singing and playing guitar, and also for the second time, it’s a song by a former One Direction member – this time ‘Falling’, by Harry Styles, which was released earlier this year.

#Jedward Value Add To ‘Voice Of A Rebel’ With Signed CD And Polaroid Packages

Late last year Jedward began offering their critically acclaimed 4th album, ‘Voice Of A Rebel’ in CD format. The demand for CDs, which were initially available for a limited time only with delivery before Christmas, was so high that the Dublin twins were compelled to offer a second wave, with a January delivery.

Now they’ve added a bonus package, in the form of a signed CD, plus two Polaroids, shot exclusively for each order.

The Essential Advent Calendar: December 25

The Essential Advent Calendar: Merry Christmas! Jedward Inspire Us To ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ As We Go Into The New Year And Decade

We’ve had The Essential Advent Calendar for a few years now and usually when it comes to December 25 we summarise the songs we’ve featured over advent. This year is going to be different. It’s the end of the decade. When we go back to reality after the Christmas/New Year period, and work out how to remember how to write the date, it’s no longer going to be the 20-teens, we’ll have entered the 2020s. And ultimately, it’s up to us to decide whether it’s going to be a time of prosperity and positivity or not: will we have a Roaring 2020s, or will we just go along with whatever is given to us, accepting it as our lot in life, no matter how miserable it makes us feel?