Q&A: With Make-Up Artist And Podcaster Rachele Fialco

Make-up artist and podcaster Rachele Fialco hopes empower women with her new podcast ‘Inner Beauty Code’. In an exclusive chat with Essentially Pop, Fialco shares more about her life story, favourite make-up products and her intentions with ‘Inner Beauty Code’.

Hello Rachele, how are you doing today? Where are you based at the moment?

I am excellent, busy. I am currently in West Palm Beach, Florida, in the USA.

It’s the first month of the year, what are your main intentions for 2023?

I intend to be in London beginning in March.
I am launching a new podcast, called ‘Inner Beauty Code’ this year.

How would you summarise your last year?

Freedom, surrendering to the unknown, and having the most fun possible.

As a makeup artist, could you share your go-to makeup products?

I love Charlotte Tilbury everything.

Charlotte Tilbury – Beauty light wands, Runway Royalty lipstick, Iconic Nude lip liner, Hollywood flawless filter #4

Natasha Denona – Glam Palette in light

Chanel – CC cream and the Les beige water complexion #30 & #40 mixed

Armani – Luminous silk #5.9

Dior – Backstage concealer #2 & #3, Eye shadow palettes

Kiko Milano – Long lasting eyeshadow sticks- #47, #39, #18, creamy lip liner #20 

Dibs Beauty – Desert Duo stick in #1.5, roses in hand eyeshadow palette 

Givenchy – Prisme Libre powder

Refy – brow pencil & pomade in taupe

YSL – Lipstick “Transparent Nude”

Laneige – Lip Balm

Do you have any favourite products that were released last year?

Dibs Beauty – Highlight stick,

Desert Duo – cheek stick

Natasha Denona – Glam Palette

What made you want to start a podcast?

I like having conversations with people, understanding what motivates them to make decisions and what the evolution of their journey is.

I believe life is a cumulation of choices and experiences so I like to understand or hear how they got where they are and how their past experiences shape their life.

I’ve met a lot of really amazing women, through Brazilian Jiu jitsu and being a pro makeup artist for 10+ years. I think it would be a great way to inspire and help other women to make changes in their own life by hearing that other women don’t have it all figured out either.

From what I have learned, a lot of women deal with the same self-doubts and self-worth struggles no matter where they come from or what they look like. Podcasting can be a great way place for people to learn how women find their confidence and be inspired.

I also took some classes from NYU on storytelling and podcasting and really enjoyed it and learned a lot. What I learned through that process really ignited a passion within me to connect with women. There are so many amazing stories to be heard.

What is the core of your podcast, ‘Inner Beauty Code’?

Inspire women to take action and pursue their dreams, know that they are not alone, and give them permission to be themselves despite what the outside world says and despite their “imperfections”.

You also got to work at New York Fashion Week, for those who’ve never been, what is it really like? Do you have any unforgettable memories form NYFW?

You usually have a preview meeting with the creative team and the brand to decide on the look and test it out. I accompanied makeup artists I was assisting on these a few times.

It’s really cool and exciting to experience being backstage and getting to see everything in action, the makeup team and hair team will be back there with the models and the brand team and do a demonstration of the look so all of the other makeup and hair team knows what to do.

The clothing racks are all set up for the models of who is going to wear what, so that team is usually closer to the entrance of the stage.

It’s chaotic, there are sometimes press people interviewing and others popping in for the preparation for the show. You get a set amount of time before the show starts to prep, demo, do the makeup and then have to clean up quickly and get out of the way for the next team to come in and set up for the next show.

There are usually shows running all day at different tents and locations so everything is time sensitive.

How did you get into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kundalini yoga?

I learned about BJJ years ago from a guy I was dating in NYC 9 years ago, but I didn’t have an interest in it then. I decided 2022 was going to be a year of me trying different things. In the beginning of the year I walked right into the BJJ gym I train at in FL and signed up. I tried it and immediately became addicted and determined to know what I was doing. I started training daily, sometimes twice a day, which enabled me to learn quickly.Since then I have been training at a gym in NYC, Renzo Gracie and at Roger Gracie Academy in London as well.

I don’t even remember how I came to find Kundalini Yoga, it was more than 5 years ago. I think I had been doing a lot of breathwork and was looking for something with more meditation. I found out there was a Kundalini yoga class in my area and tried it and loved how I felt afterwards. I started doing that 2-3 times a week. It was really helpful through Covid.

What life lessons did you take away from these practices?

Through BJJ I’ve gained confidence, have better control over my body, know how to defend myself a bit, learned how to be ok when in an uncomfortable position, gained focus and mental clarity.It is very humbling when you are paired with someone who has been training for years and you have just started and they kick your butt. Learning how to be calm and channel your stress and frustration in a healthy way. Kundalini is a powerful practice. It’s referred to as the “science of yoga & awareness”, focused on moving energy in the body meant to move energy through the body. Overall it has definitely enhanced my self awareness, given me more inner peace, helped me to clear blocks mentally and emotionally, and brought more abundance into my life. There is a noticeable difference in my stress levels and energy when I practice vs. when I don’t. I’ve learned how to be the observer of myself and my thoughts and emotions as well.

What beauty/makeup trends do you predict for 2023?

With the show “Wednesday” becoming so popular, that soft grungy 90s makeup will be in.

Copper & metallic shadows

Hyper feminine – pink tone blushes

Cat eye liner

Bold lips – reds, pinks, peachy, berries

Still clean, fresh, not cakey but matte, soft diffused-looking skin with highlight on the high points, like cheek bones.

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