Allegra Slays In New Music Video ‘If You Wanna Love Me’

While watching the new Allegra music video for ‘If You Wanna Love Me,’ the famous Scarface quote, “the eyes chico, they never lie,” suddenly makes a lot of sense.

The slow-motion entrance adds on Allegra’s confidence while she begins singing, hypnotizing with her piercing blue eyes. For a young aspiring pop star, this level of swagger and elegance is hard to get by. Allegra slays and even pulls off the signature Ariana Grande ponytail for one of her four outfit changes.

Enhancing the dance elements of ‘If You Wanna Love Me,’ Allegra decided to shoot the visuals at a bowling alley with colorful aesthetics all around. The songstress also seduces a love interest while performing the catchy melody that is impossible not to sing along to.

Allegra and her backup dancers deliver a banging choreography for the second chorus, making the bowling alley their dancefloor. For those keeping up with Allegra’s growing discography, you know of her constant improvement and gradual maturity that will be an asset for the future, as she is an artist to watch and a global pop star in the making.

Allegra - If You Wanna Love Me (Official Music Video)

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