Most Common Online Casino Welcome Offers

There are thousands of online casinos like casino Slotzo for you to choose from and there are also thousands of different Welcome Offers for you to consider at the same time, so you need to make a wise and educated choice.

Most Common Welcome Offer

The most common Welcome Offer that you will see is that of Free Spins.  Though they are common, their usefulness will differ hugely between different sites.  This will range from the slot games they can be used on, the number of free spins you are rewarded with during your sign up deal, and the amount of time you have to play these free spins.  Be aware that there are many Welcome Offers that only allow you to have 24 hours to use your free spins; you don’t want to lose a major advantage!

Welcome Offer Wagering

Another common way in which online casinos entice you into signing up with their site is by offering an increased wager.  This is only on offer for a limited time and you should make some comparison before choosing the first higher wager that you see.  Higher wagers can enable you to win much larger cash prizes in return for the bets you place.  There are hundreds of examples of wagers where x10 is visible, but the wagers you want to look out for are in the regions of x30, x35, x40 and x50.

Popular Welcome Offer

The most popular Welcome Offer that you will see across the online casinos is that of the deposit match.  This is where the casino will match whatever you credit your account with.  Commonly this is a 100% deposit match, so your credit will in effect be doubled, but there are plenty of online casinos that have 200% and even 300% deposit matches available.  In these instances, you will be given a significant increase on your initially deposited credit amount.  This should always be taken into consideration because it gives you so much more credit to play with even though you have not had to deposit any more of your own money in order to play.  You are also then able to play for a much longer period of time and your chances of winning have been significantly increased, too.

Other Welcome Offers to Look Out For

There are many different types of Welcome Offer for you to look out for when you are weighing up the pros of different online casinos against each other. Some of these pros are much more subjective than others.  For example, there are time-limited promotions where you need to act fast to take advantage, there are promotion codes that you can look out for in emails, texts or even on the TV where you will be able to receive special rewards by entering a one-time code, and there are also mobile-only bonus Welcome Offers, where online casinos encourage players to use any mobile device to participate in their gameplay. This latter option is not particularly common but can be hugely advantageous when you come across it as a Welcome Offer option.

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