Grubby And Cheesmore Release New EP ‘Warmish’

Two Irish artists, Grubby and Cheesmore, have joined forces and collaborated on their brand-new EP ‘Warmish’. The EP is now available to stream via Spotify.

‘Warmish’ features 6 incredible tracks: ‘Be Someone to You’, ‘Sincere’, ‘Between You and Me’, ‘Lately’, ‘Two Star’, and ‘The Last Time’. All are as addicting as the last. Perfect for when you’re feeling stressed and fancy some easy to listen to songs. Each song provides an insight into the personal minds of Grubby and Chessmore. Very up-front feelings can be witnessed on all tracks, making the lyrics instantly to anyone who hears it.

The duo met as recruited members of Dublin pop artist Greg Tisdall’s live band. After Grubby had graduated from a sound production course and Cheesmore had moved to the Netherlands, the pair decided to help each other out with their solo endeavours. Combining both artist’s unique sounds and talents, they thought now would be a good time to come together and collaborate on an EP…thus ‘Warmish’ was created.

The EP was mostly written and recorded via Facetime – as most music is being made during the COVID-19 crisis. Despite the difficulties of living far apart from one another, this hasn’t stopped Grubby and Cheesmore from creating an unforgettable EP.

Be sure to show your support by streaming the EP, and let Grubby and Cheesmore know what you think by following their individual Instagram accounts.

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