James Aaron Releases New Single ‘Feeling’

James Aaron has just recently released his brand new single ‘Feeling’, available to stream on Spotify now.

The single has an energetic bounce to it so be ready to have a dance at first listen! Summer may be drawing to a close but why should that stop you from listening to this upbeat summer track? Answer? It shouldn’t. It’s soulful, it’s fresh, and it’s just what you need to brighten up your day.

James Aaron, formerly known as James Francis, is one of the lead singers of The Kingdom Choir, who we all know made an incredible performance at the Royal Wedding of Megan Markle and Prince Harry.

Now, James has branched away to see what it takes to be a solo singer. Fear not, he’s still part of the choir who are now signed to Sony Global and have toured the UK, The US and Australia, but on his own he has also featured in TV ads for Coca Cola and Skoda. Not only that, but he has also toured with ‘September Song’ singer, JP Cooper.

‘Feeling’ is an extremely feel good song that will be sure to put you in the best of moods even on your worst days. Support James by streaming his new single on Spotify now!

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