Den of Ashes – ‘California’

Newly released from singer/songwriter Den of Ashes is his superb LP ‘California’. This one follows his previous EP release ‘Blackbird’, which reached number 10 on the Yandex Music streaming chart.

As well as being an acclaimed visualist and working on official videos for artists including Madonna, Nine Inch Nails and Shania Twain, Den of Ashes is a highly skilled artist in his own right.

The eight-track collection is his first full-length outing and features fellow musicians Lili Haydn, Greg Leisz, Dan Rothschild and Alex Alessandroni alongside Ash himself. From the set, the languid ‘Silver Dreams’, and ‘Easy Town’ and wistful ‘Living In My Dreams’ particularly standout, with the artist’s blend of old and new Western stylings shining through with distinction.


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