Johnossi ‘Blood Jungle’ Album Review

Swedish rock duo ‘Johnossi’, have released their new album, ‘Blood Jungle’. The Platinum selling rock artists have multiple industry awards in their home town of Sweden. The album sees the rock stars stepping into new territory with their release in the international spotlight.

The album features ten tracks, including ‘Blood’, which establishes the band’s energetic and uplifting style. Johnossi show off their talent and characteristics through their mix up with synth, guitar and voice.

Similar to Imagine Dragons, the duo impact the listener from the get go and continue their love of rock and country to the end track. The album boasts an essence of The Foo Fighters – you can hear Dave Grohl in vocalist, John Englebert.

The overall composition of the album leaves a euphoric taste on your tongue. Tracks like ‘Freeman’ and ‘Weak Spots’ have you wanting to power through your essays or afternoon work.

‘Blood Jungle’ is an example of a successional tracks, showing off the abilities of two great artists, a thrilling and motivating album that is well worth the listen and Spotify ‘save’.

Track Listing

1.  Johnossi – Blood – 03:36

2.  Johnossi – Air Is Free – 03:41

3.  Johnossi – Hands – 03:47 

4.  Johnossi – Freeman – 03:52 

5.  Johnossi – Weak Spots – 03:00 

6.  Johnossi – On A Roll – 03:38 

7.  Johnossi – Tall Dark Man – 04:42 

8.  Johnossi – Hey Kiddo – 03:29 

9.  Johnossi – War / Rain – 04:21

10. Johnossi – Got Your Gun – 03:41

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