Corinne Bailey Rae Releases New Video for ‘Green Aphrodisiac’


“An emotional, soul-soaked record” 5/5 – Glamour

‘Green Aphrodisiac’ is a track from Corinne Bailey Rae’s rave-review third studio album, ‘The Heart Speaks In Whispers’, which was released May 13th.

This is Corinne’s first studio album in 6 years, and was recorded at her studio in both Leeds and Los Angeles. The album was co-producd by Corinne with Steve Brown, who collaborated with her previous album, ‘The Sea’.

“The Heart Speaks In Whispers is the sound of her getting it right again. It stands midway between The Sea’s bleakness and her debut’s friskiness… with added dollops of sultriness and life-affirmation”  4/5 – Q Magazine

The soulful songstress has announced she will be performing for both Glastonbury and V fest. She is also performing along side the legendary Stevie Wonder and Pharrell as special guest in Cornbury Festival this year.

 Corinne’s return has seen both fans and critics eulogise her on her enthralling performance at London’s Tabernacle last month.

“The sound of someone alive with renewal; a brilliant and very welcome return”  4/5 – MOJO

This was Corrine’s first headline show in five years, which has been praised thick and strong;

 “When Corinne Bailey Rae opens her mouth, the music that emerges flows with ease and grace, the sound pure and sweet, the phrases immaculately cadenced. She makes it seem easy, natural… she was mesmerizing.”Financial Times

Corinne Bailey Rae reveals static new video for ‘Green Aphrodisiac’, which is laced with symbols and contemporary movement dance.

Corrine talks about what it was like making the video, which is available on her YouTube channel now:

I absolutely loved making this video,” said Corinne.

The song ‘Green Aphrodisiac’ is about intoxicating spring days and nights, I wrote it with Paris and Amber Strother from KING. It is about sensuality and connecting with the body and how we are part of nature so I was so excited to make a video where I was working with two incredible dancers to create a piece where we were moving like one organism, one flower turning to the sun. The choreographer gave us some beautiful movement and I really got lost in it. It is my first experiment with contemporary dance after dancing ballet for years as a child, but certainly not my last.

The song has been heralded by numerous newspapers and magazines,

“With her urbane soul subtly updated, angelic chanteuse Corinne Bailey Rae is the Sade of her age”The Observer

“[The] bewitching queen of British soul [who] oozes charisma… There was magic here”

Evening Standard

“Sensuous slow funk… woozy sophistication… Corinne is always mesmerizing”

Daily Star

Corinne also represents Europe in the International Olympic Committee’s global 2016 Olympics campaign, “Together We Can Change The World”.

The short film “Together” is set to a reprised version of The Roots’, ‘The Fire’, which features Lenny Kravitz. The propelling track inspires millions ready for the 2016 Olympics, and is voice-overs from Uma Thurman and Juliette Binoche.

The track can be heard HERE.

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