Shataramarie Gets ‘NakedInLove/NakedInHate’ With New Album

The daughter of Henry Lee Jackson, who was better known by his stage name of Big Bank Hank, of the SugarHill Gang, Shataramarie Jackson nonetheless grew up listening to Sade and Cher. She started writing songs back in school, and decided to get back into the music industry in 2015, after the death of her father.

Airy Jeanine – ‘Everywhere’ (Animated Lyric Video)

We introduced you to Airy Jeanine back in July with her song, ‘Everywhere’. Now she’s back, with an animated lyric video for the track, produced by Paris Richard Hall Jr, a 3D animator living in the greater NYC area. Hall has worked with the likes of Nick Jr, Mercedes Banz, and 20th Century Fox, among others.