Suave n Thick Release New Single, ‘Long Distance’

Last week, New York City hip-hop/R&B duo Suave n Thick released their latest single, their awesome new love song, titled ‘Long Distance’. The track is a collaborative effort with one of London’s best up-and-coming producers, Eclectic, who composed the track with a mix of old and new school R&B and hip hop beats, creating a brilliant new mix that’s easy to pick up, listen to and enjoy.

Eclectic Trap Artist Anubis Set To Release New Single ‘Madness’

Set for release on March 1, trap artist Anubis’ latest single, ‘Madness’ is an eclectic blend of hip hop, reggaeton, and rock.

Classical Avant-Garde Ensemble ‘Esecutori di Metallo su Carta’ Release New Recording Series ‘Progetto Generativo’

Classical ensemble Esecutori di Metallo su Carta have released ‘Progetto Generativo’, the first in their subscription based recording series, ’19’40” ‘ (Nineteen Minutes Forty Seconds).

Sarah On Piano Photo by TraceyMack

Sarah Schonert Releases Full-Length Album ‘My Unwinding State’

Eclectic in style, singer songwriter Sarah Schonert writes records and produces from her home studio in Peoria, Illinois. With a sound somewhere between Kate Bush, Laurie Anderson, and Bjork, Sarah combines classical sounding piano with ambient washes, vocoded synths, electronic elements and layered vocals. The result is a free-flowing style album that will appeal to a diverse audience.

We Came As Strangers

At the beginning of December 2012 an eclectic group of strangers, Ellem, Justin Sandercoe, Tim Harries and Owen Thomas got together in a room and made their first record.