Rocking The Rock: Gibraltar Fair Is A Music Lover’s Paradise

We caught the last 3 nights of 2019s Gibraltar Fair, featuring many local performers, as well as the magnificent duo, Jedward.


Altitude unleash a brand new clip in celebration of this Summer’s ultimate family release of HORRIBLE HISTORIES: THE MOVIE – ROTTEN ROMANS (now in cinemas across the UK and Ireland) which sees the Romans and Celts battling it out for Britain.

‘A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim’ – We Speak To Frank ‘Ed Accura’ Awuah About His Latest Project

Many of you will remember we wrote about Ed Accura’s incredible ‘Bear A Witness’ project to shine a light on the issue of homelessness…

‘A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim’ – The Film Causing Waves & Aiming To Highlight The Lack of Minorities Able To Swim

‘A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim’ is a new film by Frank ‘Ed Accura’ Awuah, which aims to tackle the disparity in the UK black community of minorities being able to swim.

Official Trailer Released For New Film ‘RED JOAN’

Set for release in UK and Irish cinemas on April 19, ‘Red Joan’ is directed by Trevor Nunn and produced by David Parfitt. Starring Dame Judy Dench and Sophie Cookson, who both star as the titular character at different stages in her life, it follows the story of Joan Stanley, who in 2000 was exposed by MI5 as the KGBs longest-serving British spy.

We’re All In The Same Boat: EP Talks To Vanessa Forero

Back in December we featured the Essential Weekly Playlist of Vanessa Forero. Now, following the release this week of her new EP, ‘From The Uproar’, we delve a little further into Vanessa’s background.