Rachael Sage wows with profoundly personal video for ‘Bravery’s on Fire’

How do you make a music video for a song like ‘Bravery’s on Fire’? With lyrics as personal and profound as Sage is known for, a song detailing her struggles with and recovery from endometrial cancer was always going to be a difficult act to match with visuals.


But Rachael Sage and her team have pulled it out the bag with a stunning, understated and tasteful video which gives us an insight into another deeply personal part of Rachael’s life – her songwriting process. In this video, we see Sage at different stages of the process of crafting a song. Whether she is writing lyrics and mastering the recording in the studio, practicing backstage in a deserted venue, or performing during the night on a lawn as her piano and her livelihood burn in the background, Sage invites us along for every stage of the journey. 


I cannot help but walk away from watching this video with a sense of gratitude. Whether it’s the feeling of privilege I feel having been able to have an insight into an artist at work, or if it’s the sense of overwhelming gratitude and humility conveyed through the song itself as a result of Sage coming to terms with her own mortality – it’s unclear.


All I know is, this video is a beautiful insight into the space of someone who has looked death in the face and walked away being able to see the whole world in a new light. 

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