Bryan Fox – ‘I Saw My Ex-Wife Workin’ At The Bait Pro’

Bryan Fox is a whole lot of country and a little bit rock and roll. The Louisville, Kentucky native works as a dentist by day but music is where his heart lays, and he makes regular trips to Nashville and California to write and record music. Bryan’s song, ‘I Saw My Ex-Wife Workin’ At The Bass Pro’ was first released on his 2010 album ‘Big City Lights’, and six years later he released sophomore album, ‘It’s Gonna Be That Kind Of Night’. In 2017 he dug through his song catalogue to find the one which would lend itself best to a video: ‘Bass Pro’ leapt out at him. When Bass Pro denied his request to shoot the clip in their store, he decided to rework the song as a parody, and ‘Bait Pro’ was born.